Everything You Want to Know About the Eldredge Knot

Tired of tying the same necktie knot styles every morning? Then you need to get inspired and try something new – something like the Eldredge knot, which you’re sure to love!

That’s right, it’s time to bid adieu to the age-old Windsor knot and give something different a shot.

If you’re the type of man who loves to make a style statement by donning a stylish tie around your shirt collar, then you’ve probably always wanted to know about the Eldredge knot.

In case you’re wondering where it gets its name from, here’s some trivia. The Eldredge Knot was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge, who invented it in 2007.

The great thing about it is that it can be tied with any regular-sized tie, and is suitable for most settings. It makes quite an impression when worn correctly, hence it is important that you get the technique to tying this knot right.

While it might seem like a complicated one, it is actually simpler than it looks; and what’s more? The outcome is spectacular!

Now let’s come to the part where you learn how to tie the Eldredge knot.


The Basics

In case you’re wondering what exactly you are going to need to get the job done, then here it is:

-A tie:one which has simple patterns. You do not want to use tie with large prints as they would distract the attention from the knot and make it difficult for others to see it.

-A shirt:with a stiff collar. The color of the shirt should contrast with that of the tie (for example, a white shirt for a dark blue tie).

-A pair of trousers:to be worn with a smart belt.


The Steps

Mentioned ahead are the steps involved in getting the Eldredge tie knot right. The following steps should be done as close to your shirt’s collar as possible in order to maximize the amount of tie you can work with.

1.Begin by arranging the wide end of the tie to your left and the small end to your right. The tip of the wide end should rest just above the belt buckle. You only need to move the small end.

2.Take the small end over the wide end to the left.

3.And then from under the wide end and to the right.

4.Take it up to the center, towards neck loop.

5.And put it through the neck loop and to the left.

6.Place it across the front, to the right and then take up into the neck loop from beneath.

7.Take it down to the left and around the back of the wide end to the right. (Keep this part loose)

8.Bring it across the front again, and take towards the left, and through the loop made in the previous step.

9.Pull the small end towards the left to tighten.

10.Take it up to the center, towards neck loop. Bring it down through the neck loop and to the left.

11.Once again, take it up to the center, towards neck loop and bring it down through the neck loop, but this time to the right. (Keep this part loose)

12.Bring it across the front towards the left, and finally through the loop made in the previous step.

13.Again, pull the small end towards the left to tighten.

14.Tuck the rest of the small end behind neck loop on the left side.

15.Step out and show off the Eldredge necktie knot!


A Few Tips

Want to try the Eldredge knot, but worried it may not suit you? Here are a few tips that should make things clearer and enable you to carry it off with poise and élan.

-Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

If you’re stylish and like experimenting, then donning this fabulous knot is an absolute must for you. The knot will not just make you the cynosure of all eyes, but will also provide you with a break from the usual boring knots.

The Eldredge knot looks extremely impressive as it portrays you as someone who knows what fashion and style are about. Learning to tie it requires patience, but once you master it, it can be tied in a jiffy.

-Get the Length Right

It is important that your tie isn’t too short, as it may not be enough to tie the knot. That does not mean that you need an extra-long tie. The conventional tie should be good enough to tie the Eldredge knot as long as it hasn’t shriveled up from repeated washings.

-Positioning the Tie

When tying the Eldredge knot, position the wide end of the tie towards the middle of your chest so that it is in alignment with your belt buckle. This knot is tied by moving the thinner end around the wide end, which will require you to hold the latter with your fingers to prevent it from going awry.

-The Loop Matters

Do not make the mistake of over-tightening the loop. When tying the knot, flatten the thinner end every time you wrap it around the wide end, else the tie knot will turn out to be short and wide. The idea is to make the knot come off long and voluminous with an even interlacing.

-Know That the Knot Looks Good

Do not underestimate the Eldredge knot. Wear it and strut around confidently. And if you notice people taking a keen interest in you, do dish out a little credit to the knot you’re wearing. It is sure to get you several flattering glances.


Whether you’re attending a corporate party, a friend’s wedding, or just a festive event, feel free to wear the Eldredge knot. The above explanation and tips will help you learn to tie this knot absolutely on your own. Agreed, it is harder to pull off compared to the conventional knots, but nothing that’s special ever comes easy. So try and try till you succeed, and let the results speak for themselves.