Fashionable Fatherhood: Uber-Stylish Gifts to Give Your Father


When you think father, you think responsibilities, care, unconditional love and a whole lot of advice and discipline. Well, fathers are synonymous with all of that. But there is a lot more to their personality than just fatherhood. This Father’s day think out of the box. Look up some old photographs, chat up with your mother about their younger days, find out a few of his long lost dear friends and see your father with a different lens.

Bring back fun, fashion, youth and friendship in his life with these ultra-stylish yet sweet Father’s day gifting ideas. This cool post is all set to let your daddy do it right this summer.

Get Your Father A Pair of Nerdy Glasses


Nerdy is the new trendy. Big framed glasses are all over the runway, magazines, dear old Hollywood as well as in your local chemist shop. And no, bad eyesight is not just the only reason to don it. Even if your father does not suffer from bad eyesight, buy him a pair. They will add some serious cool quotient to your father’s personality. Pick oversized, thick frame glasses in modest tones of tortoise, amber and black, the quintessential rock and roll color. Heavy frames have a way of working up their magic on matured men’s faces. Watch your father pull a Johnny Depp with these glasses and rejoice in the compliments he receives.

Tie Him in Bonds of Love


Whoever says the tie is a boring piece in a men’s wardrobe certainly needs some help staying abreast of trends. This is one such accessory that can make any man’s formal attire go from drab to fab. Easy on the pocket, a good silk tie can lend your father that notch of elegance and perfection in a formal, black-tie event. Pick ties in solid colors that can be teamed with a number of shirts and suits.

However, to truly revolutionize his style quotient, gift him a slim tie. Ask him to team it up with a nice linen or cotton shirt. Not only will he look super stylish but you will also have taken quite a few years off him.

Give Him Red



The fashion world has made its prediction. To be fashionable men, you need to possess some red in your wardrobe this year. Red is the color of the season and designers were seen experimenting with the bolder hues of this color on the runway. No restrained burgundys or subtle berrys and crimson, we are talking raw, flaming red here. The color radiates power, energy and passion and can be a huge mood-booster. Gift your father a nice red shirt to team up with the black suit, or a blazer or simply a tie (as mentioned above) or pocket square. Stir things up a little more and gift him a red bomber jacket or vintage-inspired track jacket that he can dress up and down as the occasion demands. And voila! You just turned your father twenty years younger and not to mention, incredibly stylish.

Let’s Talk Trousers


Fathers may tend to be a little slack when it comes to their clothes. But if you call yourself fashion-forward, you would agree that a well-fitted pair of trousers is one of the most important components of a man’s wardrobe. If your father is a shirt and trousers man, make sure that you gift him a good pair of trousers this Father’s day. The best fitting trousers are usually the shoe grazing slim fit trousers. They are versatile and flatter all body types. You will find quite exciting options right here at Just be sure to sit your father down and get his measurement right. You could also do him some serious fashion-good by finding a good tailor to alter those extra long and extra loose trousers that fit him like a nightmare. For spring-summer, smart pant-shorts in shades of red and checked and plaid pants are also great options for the Father’s day goodie bag.

For Mr. Punctual


You know how fathers are eternally making schedules, fixing appointments, staying at work long hours and are basically being the men for whom time really matters. A watch almost always is a great gifting idea for them. However, this time gift with a difference. The raging trend in the masculine world is all-black watches. They are sleek, they are suave and they spell power and composure like nobody’s business. Already thinking how perfect a gift it will be for your father? Well read up on the latest trends and gift an all black watch to your father that suits his personality. Luxurious, minimal or sporty, whatever you like it’s all out there.

Take Him Back to His Younger Days


So we have seen the sixties make a dramatic comeback on the fashion front. But, this year with the nerdy glasses and the floral print shirts it’s all about going back to the seventies. Go dig into your father’s wardrobe, resurface those Cuban collared jackets, floral shirts, fringe suede, tie-dye sweatshirts and jackets and place them on the table. Do your fashion research and help your father team up these separates in the most stylish ways. A word of advice, skip the neck scarves if you find any.

Get Him to Get Fit


Finally to truly make him stylish, carry off all clothes with élan and fit into his old clothes, help him get fit. Gift him a nice bike or jogging shoes or a membership at the gym so that he can stay healthy, happy, young and stylish. Indulge in workouts with your father and secure some serious bonding time. The perks for you are many too, a better relationship, a fitter body.

To Conclude

Well there you have some fashion-forward gifting options for your father this Father’s day. I hope you enjoyed reading the post and will gift stylish this Father’s day. If you have some other fashion-conscious suggestions we would love to know, and if the above mentioned ideas worked for you and your father, do let us know.