Graduation Party Ideas for Your Special Milestone


Graduation is an important landmark in a person’s life, so it is only fair that it be celebrated with pomp and joy!

If you’re planning to have a party, you may want to start planning it already, for it to be a grand success.

High school graduation parties are all about celebrating the new graduate. It is an exciting experience for a high school graduate, where he can revel in his success so far and look forward to the road ahead.

And because it is such a special time, you need to make sure that the party turns out to be equally special.

While these soirees are a lot of fun, not everyone understands the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Immaculate parties require a hell of a lot of hard work and proper planning to ensure a fun and stress-free experience.

If you’re looking for graduation party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

So where does one start? Oh yes, the most important aspect – your budget.


All your party plans begin and end with your budget. If your parents are going to be the ones spending, do respect the boundaries they set.

Expenses can get out of hand in no time, so you need to decide if you want to have a big party or a small dinner do, along with the total number of guests well in advance. Write out a guest list so that it becomes easy for you to make arrangements accordingly.

Next, you need to pick the date and the time for the party!



This is a time when everyone’s throwing a party, so it makes sense to put some thought into this aspect and pick your date carefully. Typically, the most convenient time for guests to attend is during the weekend in the afternoons, but you will have to be considerate as many of your friends may be planning their parties at the same date and time.

Avoid scheduling yours at a controversial slot. You never know, maybe scheduling your party on a weekday in the afternoon may turn out to be a great idea! It is best not to throw a party for less than three hours.

One may say that a joint party or an open-house style party works the best in such situations as it makes it possible for all your guests to show up at a time convenient for them and gives you the time to enjoy their company and thank them for coming.

The months of June and July are considered to be the best to host a graduation party. However, hosting it right after the graduation ceremony may mean several people on your guest list not making it because they’ve already left for a vacation.

Figuring out the perfect location for your party is another consideration to deal with.


There are several options to choose from. You can choose to have an open house barbeque party right in your own backyard, if it can accommodate your guests. Other options include a dinner party at a banquet hall or a beach party.

If you aren’t expecting too many guests, you may want to consider hosting a dinner party at a nearby upscale restaurant.

If you are expecting more guests, it would be better to choose a venue with ample space so that it doesn’t seem overcrowded.

Do be mindful of the weather as well. You don’t want to host an alfresco party when it seems like it’s going to pour. Where will you run if it starts raining? Home? Well, then might as well host the party there to begin with. Or you could rent a hall. A neat idea!

A few fun graduation party games are a must when celebrating.


A few popular games that are played at graduation parties include ‘Musical Partners,’ ‘Match of the Year,’ ‘Guess the Teacher’ and ‘Remember When…’ (which almost always makes everyone emotional, so play this one in the end).

Musical Partners is one of the most enjoyable party games and can get everyone on their toes and dancing. You start off by playing music and getting one couple on the dance floor. When you stop the music, the couple has to split and select someone else to be their dancing partner. You can repeat this until all your guests are on the dance floor.

To play Match the Picture, you will have to ask every guest (in advance) to bring a picture of themselves from their kindergarten years. Mix them up on a table top and ask each participant to pick out one picture and guess who’s in it. The person with the most right answers wins!

For playing Guess the Teacher, stick the names of the teachers on your guest’s backs as they arrive and give them clues about the teacher. Alternatively, each guest can take turns drawing chits with the name of a teacher from a hat and act out while the rest of the guests try to guess who it is.

Remember When… is meant for reminiscing the days gone by. Simply sit around and take turns to share your best memories. Do keep a box of tissues handy when playing this one!

As far as the graduation party menu is concerned, there are few things you will have to consider.


In case, you’re planning a large party and not hiring a caterer, you will do well to have finger foods that can simply be picked up and eaten while strolling around, followed by a simple yet delicious dessert like a cake, brownies, cookies or home-made popsicles.

Mini sandwiches, chips and dips, shrimp or steak skewers make for some mean finger foods options that everyone’s bound to enjoy. You could also consider crackers with cheese and olives, potato and fruit salads.

Place the food and drinks at multiple spots to make it easy for your guests to access the hors d’oeuvres. And make it a self-service affair.

Don’t forget about arranging refreshing summer drinks like lemonade, fruit juice and soda. Avoid going for a full bar and instead, arrange for a few punch-style drinks which can be made in advance.

And irrespective of what you serve, bear in mind that there can never be too much ice at a party. Stocking your freezer with ice should be high on your priority list.

A few amazing people, some great music, fun and games, and scrumptious food are all that it takes to make a party rock. But a graduation party is no ordinary party. It comes only once in a lifetime and should be celebrated in the best way possible. We hope our suggestions will be helpful in making yours a memorable and enjoyable one!