How to Dress Immaculately to Work


Dressing for work requires careful thought and consideration. One mistake and you can end up becoming the butt of all the jokes in your office for the rest of your tenure. But, get it right and everyone, from your boss to your subordinates will admire you. If only dressing impeccably for work was as easy as taking a walk in the park!

While a few men may be fashion phobic, the good news is that most aren’t. Most tend to do well with a little fashion advice and manage to get their professional wardrobe in order in no time. Having such information handy can go a long way in helping you dress right when attending a job interview, an important meeting, or when you’re just looking to make a good impression at your workplace.

In order to make a lasting impression, however, you need to get the basics of dressing for the office right. When you go shopping for your work wardrobe next, remember that your choices need to fit the dress code of your organization. Based on whether it is formal, semi-formal or casual, you will have to zero in on a few key pieces.

Typically, office wear includes most type of formal wear. The least that you should do is don a clean, elegant and smart attire. Apart from that, your attire should be well-ironed, ties should be neatly worn, and shoes should be squeaky clean.

While the concept of professional dressing may vary from workplace to workplace, there will always be a certain garments that will define the traditional work wardrobe. With this thought in mind, mentioned ahead are few office essentials that every man must own.



One of the most sophisticated style statements, a high-quality and well-fitted suit is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe, irrespective of whether or not he works in the typical office setup. Even if you do not wear formals to your office, your suit can always come in handy when attending other important occasions. Do have at least one stylish single-breasted suit in your closet. The classic black suit with two buttons can be your best bet as it is considered timeless. Navy and gray suits look great too.



You will do well by owning a couple of elegant blazers, even if you already have a suit. They look fabulous when worn with khaki/chino pants and lend an air of formality with chicness. When worn over dress shirts, they can lend a contemporary twist to your overall look. Pick a neutral-colored blazer in cotton, wool or linen. Avoid flashy/shiny fabrics as they’re just not meant for professional setups.



You can have shirts and you can have shirts that fit well. Make sure you have a collection of well-fitted shirts in your wardrobe to go with your suit. Basic dress shirts work in various situations. Have a good core of white and blue shirts before you branch out into shirts in different colors. If you like prints, you can go for faint pinstripes.


This one’s a no-brainer. If you’re going to own shirts, you’re going to need trousers to go with them as well. A pair of good trousers can be mixed and matched with a suitable shirt and a blazer. A couple of pairs in black or charcoal gray are a must-have. When dressing for the office in summer, a pair of smart-looking khakis can be very instrumental in lifting your overall cool quotient.



A lot of men may undermine the impact a good tie can have on an outfit. This garment, however, needs to be picked with utmost care so that it complements the rest of the office attire. While colorful, printed styles are perfectly acceptable at the workplace, make sure you avoid large, flamboyant, bold prints if you work in a traditional setup. Those in the creative field may be able to get away with something brighter.

Apart from incorporating the above clothing items in your wardrobe, there are also the small, understated things that go seemingly unnoticed. The truth is these finer nuances go a long way in helping you dress for office and look the part. Not sure what to do about that? The below mentioned pointers may help.


-Always buy what fits you perfectly. It need not be expensive. If you cannot find something that fits you to a T, find a good tailor. Also, work on identifying a brand that fits you.

-Dress shirts are supposed to be tucked in. Make sure you do so. While certain kinds of shirts are made to be left untucked, dress shirts are not one of those.

-Invest in a good pair of high-quality shoes. Treat them with respect and keep them clean and shiny at all times to avoid cutting a sorry figure.

-By all means, do wear a belt. It should be understated, so you will do well to avoid those with oversized buckles and embellishments. Try to see to it that your belt(s) matches your shoes.

-When it comes to socks, wear them in darker colors such as black or brown. The idea is to match them with the color of your shoes. Avoid wearing white and/or patterned socks to work.

-If you’re new to the organization and in doubt over what you should be wearing, take a look around you and identify the employees who have been in the company for a significant period of time. You could then try and emulate their dress sense and blend in. Alternatively, you could also keep things simple. As long as it is comfortable and in keeping with the company’s dress code, simple will work just fine!


Dressing right for the workplace may be a tad challenging, but when done right, the results can speak for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be perceived as a smart, savvy and competent employee in the office? Your attire can help you achieve this. Do bear the above tips in mind when updating your work wardrobe next and you’ll surely create the right impression on all the right people in your office.