How to Wear a Linen Suit and Turn Heads Your Way

ownonly_239140576Summers call for wearing comfortable clothes, one’s that allow your skin to breathe and enable you to stay cool and calm. A lot of people are of the opinion that dressing for comfort means saying goodbye to stylish and fashionable clothing. This is far from the truth. The fact is that fashion and comfort can surely go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to wearing suits in summers, just the thought of donning this heavy garment in the hot and the humid weather can make anyone cringe. But who says suits always have to be heavy? And this is exactly where a linen suit would come to your rescue.

I’m sure most men have been in a situation which has demanded that they be dressed in a suit, irrespective of the warm weather. An office meeting, a wedding, or an interview perhaps! The point I’m trying to make is that men who need to wear suits frequently, even in the summer months, would do well to invest in a couple of linen suits for men.

It’s not like linen is a newly-discovered fabric. It’s one of the oldest fabrics that we’ve had and the time has come to give it its due.

Mentioned ahead are a few ways in which you can wear a linen suit in style.

Casual or Corporate?


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I’m sure this question crossed your mind a couple of times since you started reading this.

Linen is a light-weight, breathable and a sturdy material, which makes it perfect to be worn in the blazing heat. However, it does have one big limitation – it creases easily. This is one reason that makes it unsuitable for corporate scenarios.

As far as casual linen outfits for men are concerned, the linen suit gets full marks and hence, it deserves a place in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re attending a casual dinner or a yacht party, your linen suit can work wonders for you. Thanks to its texture, it lends you a laid-back appeal and ups your cool quotient like nothing else.

Linen suits in darker shades such as charcoal, brown, grey and navy look great and convey a more formal feel. Lighter hues such as off-white, khaki and plain white, on the other hand, extend a more classic and an elegant feel.

While the navy suit is eternal and highly versatile, underestimate the charm of the white linen suit at your own peril. The color white is pleasing to the eye no doubt, plus it also adds elements such as freshness and vitality to your overall look.

 For a Beach Wedding


“A linen suit for a beach wedding?” Is that what you’re wondering?

Picture this – it’s the peak of summer and you’ve been invited to your boss’s son wedding which happens to be at a beach. This means two things – you’re probably not going to be able to say no, and that you’ll have to dress just right to leave your boss (and his guests) impressed.
Enter the linen suit.

Pick one is a light tone, especially if it is a day wedding. A white linen suit for a wedding will be perfect for such an occasion. As already mentioned, the fabric will keep you cool, even with a linen blazer on. This will work very well if you wear a sophisticated linen light-blue shirt under it as both will be breathable and will make for a smashing combination. Finish the look with a chocolate-brown belt, a vintage watch and suede shoes.

An evening wedding will allow for a better scope for wearing suits in darker colors. So do go ahead and put on your favorite charcoal linen suit with a white shirt. Or choose a navy blue one with a striped shirt.

Don’t forget to have fun with accessories. Wearing a printed tie at a beach wedding is perfectly acceptable. Floral prints work well, but if you don’t like them, go for stripes or checks. Just make sure that your tie is in keeping with the proportion of the suit’s lapels and the collar width. Add a touch of class with an elegant lapel pin.

And if you’re the groom who’s going all white, don’t forget to add some color with that boutonniere!
When teamed with a boater/panama hat and spectators, a white linen suit is sure to lend you a suave vintage look.

 For a Casual Occasion


It’s easy to wear a linen suit for casual occasions as well. It makes sense to choose a suit in a light hue for a summery yet, a fresh look.

Alternatively, you could wear a brown linen suit with a white, pastel green or an orange shirt and a bow tie for a look that screams elegance casual elegant.

If you’re wearing it to office on a casual Friday, be sure to wear a men’s linen shirt in a light shade, and take the blazer off before you sit down to put it over a hanger, rather than hang it on the backrest of your chair.

You could try pairing your suit with a cotton men’s dress shirt or even a linen shirt. Cotton shirts will bring about a mixture of fabrics and will add to the depth and the texture of the outfit.

As far as casual linen pants are concerned, they come in two main varieties – belted and drawstring. Belted linen pants resemble slacks and tend to come in either light or bright hues. Drawstring linen pants differ from their belted counterparts, but come with a built-in drawstring for fastening and convenience. So take your pick or just pick both!

You can skip the tie in this case, unless you’re aiming to look conservative. Do wear a pair of leather loafers in tan. Go sockless, of course! Alternatively, try wearing a pair of tan-colored leather gladiator-style sandals. And a great watch to boot!

Linen Suits for Larger Men


When I say ‘large men,’ I’m primarily referring to men who are either tall or large around the waist, the shoulders and the chest. Wearing a big and tall linen suit should be able to streamline your frame and balance things out in your favor. Squeezing into a slim suit may not work out.

Pay careful attention to the fit and make sure you don’t end up with something too loose or too tight as that will be disastrous. Opt for a suit in a solid, dark shade such as navy or charcoal, as that will keep you from looking wider. Don’t forget to keep the lapels slim (instead of peaked) to achieve a slimming effect overall.

A double-vented jacket ending right below the hips should work for those with a larger rear and keep them comfortable when it’s time to be seated. Wear pants that are flat in the front, which means they need to be totally devoid of pleats.


If you thought linen isn’t sophisticated enough, it’s time to change the way your think. Not only are linen suits made of natural fabric, they also provide style and comfort to the wearer in the warmest of months. What’s more? Linen is also aesthetic, so it definitely adds more charm to your look. If you’re a man of confidence and personal flair, you simply cannot say no to linen.