Look Sharp, Stay Sharp: Style Tips for the Modern Entrepreneur


Who says entrepreneurs don’t need to be stylish? Well, most of the current crop are; and why not? Having your own style is an important tool you can use to project yourself in a certain way. If you want to look sharp, successful and suave, dressing the part will make it easier for you to come across that way!

Often, young entrepreneurs try to maintain a particular look in order to stand out in a crowd, be memorable and market their appearance, which can actually work very well for them in the long term.

Being stylish isn’t about following fashion trends, wearing designer labels, or looking extravagant. Rather, it is about projecting your individuality through what you wear, the way you care for yourself, and the way you carry yourself.

While the style of an entrepreneur need not be reeking of glamour, it should definitely live up to certain standards of professionalism.

In this post, we present a few style tips for entrepreneurs looking to making the right impression in the business world.

Look the Part


The way you dress will go a long way in influencing how people perceive your business standards. So it makes sense to dress nattily and avoid slackness when putting together your business attire.

Always focus on looking like a successful professional. Turing out well-dressed every day will give help you boost your confidence and create a great first impression on everyone you meet.

You will do well to have a wide array of garments to choose from. And you need not spend a fortune on doing so. A lot of stylish clothes can be found at reasonable/discounted rates at your favorite stores.

Consider investing in a high quality business suit. You need not have too many of them, but the classic black business suit is a must have as it is suitable for most formal occasions and meetings. Other suits which should eventually find their way into your wardrobe are the grey business suit and the dark blue navy suit.

Additionally, when determining your business style, make sure you buy clothes that are in line with your company’s dress code and culture.

Work towards Creating an Image


First impressions hold a lot of importance in the business world. In fact, the opinion that people form of you will determine whether or not you will be taken seriously in your industry. So you need to work in creating an image that everyone would want to associate with – that of an intelligent, mature and a level-headed person.

This can be achieved by wearing suits in darker colors as they will lend you a more serious and formal look. A dark navy blue business suit should hold you in good stead.

You could also try wearing a sophisticated pair of glasses, get a more conservative hairdo and sport a clean-shaven look to maximize the impact. Also, choose your accessories with care.

Go White and Blue



Ever noticed how most successful businessmen tend to wear a lot of white and blue! That’s probably because these colors make an integral part of the business look for men.

Try and incorporate white and light-blue dress shirts into your wardrobe. Both the colors will give you an erudite and sophisticated look, as they suit almost all complexions.

By this I don’t mean that other colors should not be worn. Feel free to branch out and try other hues as well, but do build a good core of cotton shirts in blue and white.

Again, there’s no need to break the bank to get your hands on them. You can stock up on them during the sale season and wear them throughout the year.

Conversely try donning a blue business suit with a pristine white shirt and watch this combination work its charm on your seniors and colleagues.

Know Your Patterns and Colors


The common notion about business suits is that they’re boring. Well, business fashion for men is all about turning the boring into something appealing and stylish. Even as you wear conservative business suits, you can go for patterned ones to add some chutzpah.

Opt for solid or pinstripe suits in dark shades of black, blue and gray.

As far as shirts and ties are concerned, plaids and patterns are perfectly acceptable, as long as they are matched well.

Go for long-sleeved, collared shirts in white, off-white, blue, black, and pastel shades.

Get the Fit Right


To avoid looking like a scarecrow, you will need to ensure that your garments fit you well. Whether you buy readymade ones or get them stitched, do ensure to get them in a size that flatters your body type and hides your physical flaws.

If you know a good tailor, consult him about the improvements he can make to your existing suits, shits and trousers to make them look more chic.

He may suggest some padding and other sartorial modifications to your suit’s shoulders, your shirt’s fit, or your trousers’ length which can make you look slick!

Pay Attention to Detail


Perfection lies in the art of paying attention to detail i.e. even the things that others may take for granted.

Do not stuff your pockets with things, especially coins (their clinging noise is anything but appealing). Bulging pockets look extremely unprofessional. Get a briefcase if you tend to carry a lot of things with you.

Wear the right shoes. Everyone (and not just women) notices shoes. So make sure they have a comfortable fit, are in good shape, and look clean and shiny at all times.
When it comes to socks, go for ones in dark colors. Try to match them with your outfit to avoid cutting a sorry figure when taking a seat.

Avoid wearing jewelry. Your wedding band is the only piece of jewelry that your should be wearing. Anything ornate is a strict no-no.

Invest in a good metal-strapped wristwatch (no golden-colored watches, though). It will instantly smarten up your appearance.

Chewing gum in official meetings with clients or colleagues is a huge turn-off. Avoid doing that at all costs.


By being stylishly dressed, you can ensure that you feel confident and hit the right notes in other areas of your life as well. Dressing appropriately is also a great way to ensure that the people in your industry take you seriously. And although a lot of businessmen tend to take this aspect for granted, those who don’t stand a better chance at being more successful.