A Man’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Blazer

If you’re working towards building yourself a smashing and classic wardrobe, adding a blazer to it is an absolute must.

It is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. You can wear it to work, a date, a party, the movies, or any other event.

A blazer is neither a suit jacket, nor a hoodie, but a blend of both, which make it perfect to be worn to casual as well as formal occasions. It is more formal than a sports jacket and almost on par with a suit worn sans a tie.


Blazers are best worn with a pair of jeans or trousers in a contrasting shade and fabric that is dissimilar as well.They lend you a sleek and suave appearance, especially if you wear one which fits you particularly well.

When buying a blazer, you need to look for the perfect fit. This important criterion has the potential to single-handedly make or break your look.

Wondering how to buy the right blazer for yourself but don’t know who to ask? Here are a few tips that may empower you to do just that.

Blazer Types

Before you decide on how you want your blazer to look, it is important to know the most popular types of blazers that you can choose from to find one that sits perfectly on your shoulders.

-American Style


Typically, this blazer is a 2-button navy-blue jacket with soft shoulders. The label is usually slightly indented and pocket style is either a patch or a flap. It also comes with a center vent. When in doubt regarding the vents, always opt for a double vent as it complements most body types.

-English Style

These are quite different from the American style in the sense that they are built for more structured shoulders with a tighter waist. They are less boxy as the chest portion is quite well-defined. They are made in single as well as double-breasted style. They usually come with a double vent, with peak lapels in double-breasted styles and notch lapels in the single-breasted variants. English style blazers usually come with 3 buttons, but 2 buttons aren’t uncommon either.


-Italian Style

The difference between the Italian style blazer and the aforementioned ones lies in the fabric. These blazers are made from light-weight fabric, making the jacket less structured. They have soft shoulders and stretchy inner linings allowing them to sit gently over your shoulders. They can be vented as well as unvented, have 2 or 3 buttons, and are considered to have a lot of panache. It is said these blazers can truly reflect the wearer’s personality.


The Buttons

One of the first things that people will notice on your blazer is its buttons. There are a variety of buttons you can choose from depending on which ones mirror your personality traits and quirks the most. However, most modern blazers come with generic brass buttons.


You can always get the buttons changed as per your liking. Just buy and keep a few sets of buttons handy and change them as per the occasion, the season, or as per your mood.

Go for a blazer with two buttons as that is considered more classic compared to blazers with a single or three buttons.


The fabric of your blazer can impact its form and fit so choosing the material is going to be an important decision. It makes sense to base it on seasons.

A blazer made from cotton/linen is a great option for hot and humid weather. These fabrics are light and breathable, and will keep you comfortable. So feel free to flaunt that navy cotton blazer even in the peak of summer and look as cool as a cucumber!

When it gets cooler, however, you will be better off wearing a blazer made using thicker fabrics like wool, tweed or corduroy as it will keep you warm and cozy. Make sure you throw on that wool cashmere blazer this winter and set the temperatures soaring!



When purchasing a blazer, it is best to steer clear of the on-going trends, and go more for classic hues, prints and patterns. Blazers can be very expensive and it may not be possible to keep changing them with every passing trend. It is better to go for classic colors such as a black, a blue or a brown blazer (and their various shades).

Make it a point not to match the color of your blazer with that of your trousers. That should be done only when you’re wearing suits. Wear them in contrasting shades to make your blazer stand out.

If you must follow trends, go for the men’s camouflage blazer as that is making waves currently.



You may have seen people wearing blazers in regular, short and long lengths. While you can experiment with any of them, it is best to stick to the regular length if you’re planning to play safe. These look great, can be worn on any occasion and flatter most body types.

Short-length blazers are extremely casual, so be sure you do not end up wearing them to work or high-profile events. Long-length blazers have a very traditional look to them. They should be avoided by taller men.



It is important that you know your size well, else the entire process of buying the right blazer can go awry. Figure out the fit of your shoulder. The seams on the jacket should sit directly at the top edge of your shoulders. You may even want to get your chest and waist measurements correct for an even better fit and to ensure that you don’t up with a bigger jacket.

When it comes to the length of the sleeves, the thumb rule to follow is they should end about a half-inch above your hand, allowing enough room for your shirt cuff to show.

In case you do end up with a jacket that’s a size or two bigger, find a good tailor and ask him to alter the measurements for you.



When you buy a blazer, ensure that you focus more on the qualitative aspect rather than the quantity. It is better to have a couple of great blazers that help you stand out in a crowd, than have several that are ill-fitting and make you look like a grouch. Keep the above tips in mind to determine a magnificent blazer for yourself and look effortlessly modern and sophisticated!