One Jacket At One Time. Cool For A Lifetime.

As time goes by. Fall is coming.

When the weather gets colder

There is such a thin coat,

Casual and stylish,

I hope that you will stand alone in the crowd wearing this hunting jacket.

▲「 I’m Hunting Jacket」

In every man’s closet, there must be suits. When we attending a very formal occasion, we must wear suits, but when it is formal but not that serious, it is time to choose something else.

Hunting jacket can be a relaxed version of suits. It has a certain sense of formality and is not as constrained as a suit. It ‘s an alternative choice to a suit.

So don’t choose the one that looks like a suit or too serious. You can choose a jacket that has more sense of design.

I have an obsession. “If a man can’t wear military uniforms, he must wear military-gesture clothes.” Most people are just pursuing the good looks and exquisiteness of clothing, but they are always less energetic: good-looking is always easy to find, but the interesting soul is one out of hundreds.

“Hunting Jacket” is a presence like that.

If you are a player with an adventurous heart, then hunting jacket is probably the best dress for you in your outfit.

The Queen’s family often wears this to hunting and field activities, and such a compelling photo is definitely a guide to the country’s royal dress.

▲The photo of the Queen’s family is very convincing.


The hunting jacket was born in the 19th-century British army stationed in India, the design is very practical: the back is relaxed, easy to move the upper body during marching, it’s also very easy to recognize.

After the end of the war, the hunter has retained the design advantages of “convenient to sports” and evolved into a more beautiful suit style jacket.

Adventurous gentlemen like to wear this jacket, while some friction in the wild, even as a daily wear, can add a trace of adventure to the gentleman.

The classic performance of Barbour jacket in 007 Skyfall. Perfectly explains the wildness style of Scotland.

From Prince Charles to Prince William, since the birth of the safari, every male in the British royal family, almost all dressed in safari in front of the camera. In the English drama “Downton Manor”, the Earl’s family loves to wear safari.

The arbitrarily fashionable dandy style suddenly change into a pastoral style.

People in this country have a passionate pursuit of rural life, and there are even lot of magazines about this.

In addition to the tweed plaid suit, the safari jacket is one of the few garments that look less vintage and is an English country style that everyone can control.

▲Compared to the above four fashion bloggers suits and the above hunting jacket, the two sides of the man is clear and obvious

The hunting jacket is also a product of World War II and is synonymous with durability and quality. The large three-dimensional pocket is a must-have for pragmatism. The distinctive lines of the water chest are modern styles. The zipper and multi-pocket styling are full of masculine charm. The precise structure and sophisticated features show an elegant yet full of masculine.

The handsome Hunting jacket plays a very good role in the wear, imagining the military’s various travel equipment, casual and sports style, sports shoes, and waist plaid shirt is the secret weapon of urban men.

Hunting jackets are not only casual, but they can also create a sporty style, and they can be mixed into the workplace. In the morning and evening, the big safari jacket is just right out, whether it is a suit, a shirt or a casual knit, it completely rids the traditional impression of the past; the color of the natural color is in the level of wear, can Make a visual blend of other items on the individual.


Hunting jacket=bush jacket

In order to adapt to the hot climate, it is usually made of light cotton or cotton, which is usually khaki. A safari jacket with a slightly longer length, with a shirt collar and a central single-row five-button, the shoulders are usually sewn with an epaulet called ‘passants’.

There are four envelope-sized large pockets on the front, and a buckled cover for maps, binoculars, ammunition guides and a variety of other adventure gear. It will also be worn with the same material as the jacket.

In the 1960s, safari jackets became the object of choice for designers. The comfort and practicality were excellent. The wild design also met the requirements of men. Even safari jackets are popular among women, although they are still in the bustling city as if they were hunters in the tropical jungles of Africa.

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