Spending Summer in Style: Decoding Summer Fashion for Men


Summer is a time when you want to keep cool and look fresh. But is this possible given the sweltering heat? Summer fashion may have a few answers for you.

While most men are familiar with the term ‘summer styles for men,’ they’re not entirely sure what it entails.

Incorporating a few of the following summer style staples in your wardrobe can keep you unruffled and looking fabulous even as the sun continues to sizzle.

1.The Evergreen Polo Shirt


You’ve probably been wearing the humble polo shirt ever since you were a kid. You’ve, perhaps, seen most men around you donning this modest garment. There may also have been times when you may have wanted to avoid wearing it because you thought it was becoming too common.

This seemingly unpretentious piece of clothing, however, can prove to be one of the sharpest and the most timeless and versatile shirts in your closet. The only thing you need to ensure to get right is the fit.

The polo shirt started out as a short-sleeved, knit pique cotton shirt with a collar, placket, and a shirt tail. It served to be a practical and a comfortable alternative to the full-sleeved and uncomfortable button-up shirts worn in the early days of tennis. Soon enough, it went on to become standard casual menswear.

The polo shirt continues to hold a place of prominence in contemporary men’s fashion as well. Getting the right fit entails paying close attention to the size of the opening of the neck, the size of the chest, the length of the arms, as well as the broadness of the shoulders.

A cotton polo shirt will be most preferable in summers as it will allow your skin to breathe and sit well on your body. A polo shirt with a great fit is sure to make you look dapper irrespective of your shape and size.

2. The Flat-Front Shorts

Summer is hardly the time to be wearing jeans. Even the long, loose cargo shorts aren’t really making the cut any more. If you’re looking for a more comfortable and a smarter option, then here it is – flat-front shorts.

Shorts with a slim-fit (not tight) have been around for quite a while and look more put-together and urbane than the baggy ones. They also come in different inseams these days. You can try out a few in the 7-9 inch bracket and figure out what works best for you.

Once you find a good fit, pick up a few in multiple colors. You can wear each with the same shirt and shoes, and you’ll manage to look cool and vibrant every time.

3.The Linen Shirt


When dressing for the summer, have only one goal in mind – to be comfortable. This means that you need to carefully consider not only what you’re going to wear, but also what material it is made of.

Apart from the usual cotton, linen is one of the best fabrics for summer because it’s light and breathes well. It can get you through a humid day much better than cotton can. It makes sense, then, to incorporate well-fitted linen shirts (and pants) into your summer wardrobe.

However, linen tends to wrinkle a great deal. This should be no reason to get worked up though, as that’s part of the package. You only need to iron it when the wrinkles turn into creases.

When it comes to the color, go for neutral and muted tones for a sharp, sophisticated look. You need not necessarily wear bright colors just because it’s summer. Sometimes, that can look extremely tacky.

4.The Short-Sleeved Shirt

If there’s a great time to wear the button-up short-sleeved shirt, it is the summer season. The 90s saw a tidal wave of men sporting short sleeve button up shirts that were not only too baggy and boxy, but the sleeves were too big and would jet off at an angle.

That, however, was the 90s. Today, the emphasis is on looking sharp by refining the fit to suit you better. The sleeves should gently embrace the upper arm, instead of being tight, and land about three-fourths of the way down. The rest of the shirt should sashay down across your torso, while providing ample room for ease of movement.

5.The Slim-Fit Chinos

A pair of slim-fit chinos is great for a semi-formal or a casual summer day. Whether you pair it with a polo, a short-sleeved or a Henley shirt, slim-fit chinos can instantly lend you that urbane and chic look. Pair it with sneakers and you’ve created a look that is downright casual and in keeping with the warm weather.

Chinos are perfect for a lunch/dinner date, or for spending a casual evening at the bar. Because you cannot wear your shorts everywhere, chinos can make for an appropriate substitute. Be mindful, however, of a leg opening that’s too wide, as that can ruin the entire slick look.

Dressing for Occasions/Events in the Summer

With the ‘how to dress for summer’ question answered, it’s time to move on to a slightly more tricky subject – dressing for summer occasions. Say your best friend is having a summer wedding; you know there’s no escaping it. You’ll be expected to meet and greet people, and generally put your best foot forward.

Here’s a little on dressing for a summer wedding to show you how to do it in style.

-Think Seasonal

To make a great impression and not look like the sweatiest guy around, it is highly recommended to wear something that is in keeping with the season. Opt for garments made of linen, cotton or tropical wool. Pick up a khaki slim-fit suit in a cotton/linen blend. Team it up with a white dress shirt and a monochrome tie and you can’t go wrong!

-Check before Proceeding

Love plaids, but think they’re meant only for the winters? Well, think again. A suit with subtle gray checks would hold you in good stead. You could wear a white or a blue dress shirt underneath to offset the effect of the checks.

Even if you go for a tuxedo or a suit without patterns, try pairing it with a dress shirt in pink, lavender, grey or khaki as a way of adding color to your attire.

-Summer White

White suede shoes are perfect for summer because not only are they cool, they also add an interesting twist to any look. The color white is the very definition of neutral and, hence, will go with everything.

-Get Creative

Another great way to amp up your style quotient at a summer event is by accessorizing creatively. Go for ties and pocket squares in interesting colors, textures and patterns to mix it up and create an exciting look.

Gingham checks in monochromes and polka dots are great for adding a sensational spin on a classic. As long as the rest of your attire is simple and polished enough, you can demonstrate that you understand good dressing and can have a little fun with your clothes as well.

Summer Wedding Dressing Tips for the Groom

(Image credit: Pinterest)

(Image credit: Pinterest)

As the groom, the way you dress for summer will largely depend on the kind of theme or setting you’ve planned for your wedding. The following tips can be helpful.

-Black Tie

A suit or a tuxedo would work best in a formal setting. If you can afford to, buy a high-quality suit/tuxedo and have it professionally altered/tailored. Yes, you will have to spend a good amount of money, but then you will always have a reliable suit handy for other formal occasions.

When it’s your wedding day, you want to look your best and want to come across as someone who is composed and sorted. A good suit can make you look just that. Pick one that is different from the regular office suits. Go for a three-piece suit with peak or shawl lapels, subtle patterning, chic buttons and single vent.

Opt for a sleek suit in black, navy or grey and team it with a white French cuff placket dress shirt, a neutral tie and a pair of black Oxfords. All this and you’re set for the wedding.


For a semi-formal setup, the groom can go for a shirt in light pastel shades instead of a white one. Semi-formal weddings are more relaxed in nature, so you can take advantage of that and branch out with shirts in lighter shades of pink, blue and green.

Conversely, mix things up by adding an interesting tie or a pocket square to your ensemble. Just remember to ensure that your shirt and tie/pocket square do not clash.


This setting can be tricky because you don’t want to end up looking too laid back and out of place. Consider teaming up a simple shirt and tie with a pair of statement trousers. Make sure they fit well though. They can have patterns such as checks, seersucker or houndstooth.

Jackets can be optional, wear them if you feel like. You also have the option of keeping everything else simple and wear an arresting jacket.


Summer dressing can be a lot of fun if you let it be. This is the time to experiment with the looks you want to create. With the above suggestions in mind, you’re sure to strike all the right chords, all the time.