Steps to Packing a Suit without Getting It Wrinkled

ownonly_173517995For some, their job often requires them to travel at short notice for several reasons. Whether it is to be present at an important business meeting, an international conference, or simply to meet a client, you certainly don’t want to miss out on carrying one of the most crucial elements of attending such formal encounters – your business suit.

One may argue that carrying a business suit along can be quite difficult and even inconvenient. After all, of what use will it be if it gets wrinkled in the bag? A suit, essentially, has to be clean and well-ironed if you want to achieve a polished look. A crumpled suit will only make you look gawky and uncouth.

Taking a suit along can be challenging no doubt, but it is actually easier than you think.

Forget about forcefully stuffing a bulky suit into your suitcase, only to sit on it to shut it close. In this post, we present a step-by-step guide on how you can carry your prized suit in a suitcase without rumpling or damaging it.

Folding and Packing a Suit Jacket

Packing a Suit

Step #1. The best way to pack a suit jacket is by holding in it a way so that it faces you. Pop your hands into the shoulders of your jacket. Hold it firmly.

Step #2. You need to work on bringing both the shoulders of the jacket together. So while still holding the jacket, you will have to fold the jacket in half lengthwise.

Step #3. Now this step can get a tad tricky, so pay careful attention when you do this. Fold one of the shoulders inside out and over the other so that you now have the lining of the suit jacket facing outward.

Step #4. Fold the jacket down in half again. Bring the shoulders all the way down to the end of the jacket.

Step #5. This step involves making use of the suit’s pants, but that’s discussed later. Meanwhile, what you need to know for now is that when the pants are folded, they will have to be placed into the last fold (Step #4) of the jacket to provide some degree of cushioning to it. This will prevent the formation of crease on the waist of the jacket.

Folding and Packing Your Shirts


Step #1. Begin by simply laying the shirt out on a flat surface, all buttoned up, and front side facing down.

Step #2. Fold the sleeves across the back and bring them down to the side so that they create a 45 degree angle coming from the shoulder.

Step #3. Fold both the sleeves over so that the structure of the shirt aligns with the width of the collar.

Step #4. Now take the bottom part of the shirt and fold it. You will do well to fold it just where the cuffs end and the sleeves meet, i.e. around 4 to 6 inches from the bottom of the shirt.

Step #5. Fold the shirt in half. Turn it over with the front of the shirt facing you. Place in the suitcase.

Folding and Packing Your Pants


Step #1. It is best and easiest to fold pants immediately after they are ironed. So do iron them.

Step #2. If your pants don’t already have a front and a back crease, lay them flat, with the bottom facing down.

Step #3. Smooth the pants out using your hands and pull the seams straight.

Step #4. It’s time to fold the pants over. Simply place the pants sideways and place one leg over the other so that one leg lies on top of the other.

Step #5. Take the pants and hold them by the waist. Fold the top third of the trousers onto the middle third.

Step #6. Fold the bottom third of the legs over the folded part to finish. Place the pants in the fold of the jacket and tuck into the suitcase.

Bonus Tip: To avoid wrinkles in your pants when packing, place a few sheets of butter paper on top of one of its legs. Place the other leg over so the tissue paper lies in between both the legs. Fold into thirds as before. The tissue paper will support the folds and stop the fabric from crumpling. You can do the same when folding the sleeves of your shirts.

Hurray! Finally, your suit is all folded and packed up!

But the story doesn’t end here.

Here are a couple of things to be mindful of to help you keep your suit in good shape for a long time to come.

If you’re travelling by air in the first class, you will do well in carrying your suit in a garment bag and asking the flight attendant to hang your suit in a closet or in another safe place.


If you’re going to be travelling for a long period of time and are required to wear the suit just once, don’t bother to take it along. Simply buy or rent one at your destination instead.

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? And you’ll find that your suit doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase either! So the next time you’re travelling for that all-important business meeting, do carry your suit along with you and with the help of the above mentioned steps, you should have no trouble in finding it in a great condition and ready to be worn anywhere you go!