The COOLEST suits in summer: Seersucker Suit


How to dress like a gentleman in the hot summer? What kind of suits will you wear in this season? If you ask ten random people who wear suits regularly, Nine out of ten would say  flax or blending, but only one person would tell the secret truth: SEERSUCKER


What is Seersucker?

The word came into English from Persian, and originates from the words sheerand shakar, which means milk and sugar. probably from the resemblance of its smooth and rough stripes to the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar. Seersucker is quiet special, it’s made of light muslin with small bubbles all around it. And because of this wrinkled appearance, seersucker is ironing-free and cool to wear. It went popular since the 1930s and it was adored by American undergraduates so much that these suits became one of the classic items of Ivy style, and now they’re the mainstream of summer suits. 
                                          * The most classic blue & white stripes



This fabric matches this summer the best! Colored stripes are commonly seen in this fabric, and most of them are bright, low-saturation, single-colored stripes. Suits made of these are the most eye-catching and youthful ones. It feels like they are made for summers and the attitude of being a youthful gentleman.



How to match seersucker suits?

Light blue seersucker suit jackets are probably the most refreshing ones to dress in summer. They are perfect to go with White/light blue shirts and straight-legged trousers, just like the nice ocean breeze in the summer heat. The irregular texture of seersucker projects the feeling of relaxation and leisureliness.


Seersucker suit jacket matches white shirts really well, they make a looking of nice and cool, and the white shell buttons fit them just right.



The color of your tie can be the similar color as your suit to fit each other, you can also make a brave move to make them look totally different.


Besides, seersucker doesn’t need to be ironed like the other materials, and you don’t have to dry-clean it, it can be washed in a regular way. And the bubbles won’t be clinging to your skin and make you look bad even if you’re sweating, it can really make you care-free!


The ultimate secret of being cool in the summer time: Unlined/Half lining design.

Light fabric is quiet important, but there’s another thing you have to consider about if you want to stay cool. Lining is the ultimate secret of staying cool in the summer!

Generally, summer suits are preferred to be made with 1/4 lining, usually in light colors to create the refreshment both from inside and outside. The half lining suits are the ones you can only see the fabric of the surface from the back, and it facilitates heat dissipation and air circulation. Half lining suits are breathable, and they look less casual.



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