Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

For decades now, the 14th of February has been celebrated as the day of love. This day is called Valentine’s Day and it is believed to have derived its name from St. Valentine. It is a day when people express their love for each other. It holds a special significance for lovers who celebrate it in different ways, like exchanging cards, gifts, and generally doing things to make each other feel special.

Come February and hordes of women throng malls and boutiques to find the perfect gift for their partners as a token of their love. Shopping for men, however, is a huge challenge and most women have a tough time figuring out the most ideal gift to buy their special man.

Most men aren’t into buying too many things, especially those which they don’t need. And what they need, they prefer to buy on their own. This makes it all the more difficult to shop for them.

Fortunately, there are a few gift options that always manage to strike the right chord with men. All you need to do is buy a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him and adapt it to his taste. In this post, we present to you a few V-day gifting options to surprise him and make this 14/2 memorable.



Men love gadgets. How many times have you watched your guy stuck to his laptop for hours, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, surfing the Web and so on? It makes sense to gift him something that you know he’s going to take to just like fish take to water.

There’s a plethora to choose from and they’re available in different price ranges. You can buy gadgets such as iPod/iPad or the newest smartphone if you’re on a tight budget. Other options such as gaming consoles, digital cameras, funky watches, laptops, HDTV, BluRay player, e-readers, and wearable technology are also great and can be considered if your budget is on the higher side.

Clothing and Accessories


You may want to consider gifting your man some cool clothing items and/or accessories. These could actually make for one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts and your man will surely enjoy wearing something you picked out for him.

If you’re not sure about his choice, you could stick to the basics and get him a designer shirt, a necktie, sunglasses, or a baseball cap. Another idea is to take into consideration the weather at his location and buy him something accordingly. You could also gift him a couple of t-shirts with personalized messages, your initials, or cute pictures printed on them. That’s surely going to be special!

DIY Gifts


A lot of men prefer handmade gifts over store-bought ones. If your guy is like that then making him a gift might be a great idea. This, however, may depend upon your talents. For example, if you’re good in the kitchen department, you could surprise him with a delicious meal for two in your own home. Whip up his favorite food and light up a candle to make things romantic. You could also consider baking him a cake with a loving message inscribed on top with icing.

Another unique Valentine’s Day gift for him would be presenting him with a food basket replete with his favorite cookies, chocolates, cheese, wine, and other goodies that he likes. Do not forget to place a handmade card which expresses your love for him somewhere in the basket.

Apart from food, you could also gift him handmade sweaters, bookmarks, photo frames, laptop covers, candle stands, DVD racks, and so on. I’m sure he’ll greatly appreciate the thought, effort and time that went into making these gifts, which will further strengthen your bond. After all, that’s the whole point of celebrating Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

Relaxation Accessories


Don’t you love to watch your man unwind in style after a long, hard week of work? If you’ve noticed, men love to laze around and relax whenever they get the opportunity. Help your man do it effectively with relaxation accessories.

Consider gifting him items such as a recliner chair, a comfortable back pillow, a hammock for the front yard, an extravagant bath robe, and so on.

Want to make it more personal? Give him a nice, long, relaxing massage yourself and watch him purr in glee!

Games and Entertainment


Everyone says relationships are hard work. How about infusing a dash of fun, games and entertainment into them to keep things interesting? Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men are ones which he’ll have a great time with!

You can go with the obvious choices in this category such as a gaming system or gym/sports equipment. If he already has gaming consoles, consider picking up a few interesting game CDs. You can also be slightly unconventional and surprise him with an electric guitar, drums, or the musical instrument of his choice.

There are several games that the two of you can play and end up having a gala time together. You can arrange for paintball matches, scuba diving lessons, spa treatments, tickets to the next basketball game (or when his favorite team is playing), paid holidays by the beach, or jetski rentals.

Electronic media items make for amazing (and easy) gifting ideas for men. So whether your man is into music, movies, video games, or even books, there’s always something you can work out in this area and make his day!

Den/Office Accessories


Men love to have their own personal space, which they often referred to as their ‘den.’ I bet your guy has such a space too. It may be a good idea to gift him something that brightens it up and makes it seem more warm and inviting for him. Think about getting him surround-sound speakers, a comfortable chair, a new work table, a reading lamp, or a lap desk for his precious laptop.

Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are the go-to gift items for women who want to play it extremely safe, or haven’t had the time to think about the ideal present, or couldn’t get one for whatever reason.

These are great because they’re convenient, can be personalized and give your man the freedom to pick what he truly wants.

They’re also wonderfully casual which makes them ideal for new relationships.


When you know what your man likes, picking the best Valentine’s gift for him becomes easy. However, when you want to surprise him, you need to keep your ears open for anything that he may spill out which hints towards or expresses what he really wants. If you’re in need of ideas, the above list should bail you out. Stick to the pointers mentioned and you’ll certainly end up delighting him as always. And remember, no gift is bigger and better than your love. On that note, happy shopping!