Wedding Suits That Work: Suit Up the Right Way


From his childhood days till the time he breathes his last, a man encounters several landmarks in his life. His wedding day is one such important milestone, one which changes his life completely.

If men could, they would most definitely pick out a men’s designer wedding suit and wear it with élan.

One of the biggest myths related to preparing for the wedding day is that men have it easy as far as shopping and dressing up for their D-day is concerned.

The truth is far from this notion, though. For men, finding the right wedding suit is as important as it is for women. And it better be, after all, it’s no ordinary suit you’re looking for. It is your wedding suit! So everything needs to be just right.

Before you buy a suit, it is important that you know what your options are.

As far as the color of your suit is concerned, the rule of thumb dictates that you choose something depending on the time of the day at which your wedding is to be held.

A daytime wedding would call for a suit in a light color like beige, tan or subtle shades of grey. On the other hand, for an evening wedding, dark colors would be the way to go.

The classic black suit with a bow-tie and (maybe even a boutonniere) is your safest bet and is sure to always hit the right notes when worn.


When it comes to suiting up, you have a plethora of men’s wedding outfits to choose from – the semi-formal suit, the morning suit, the British suit, the Italian suit, and the American suit.

The semi-formal suit is the laid-back version of the formal wedding suit. A well-ironed smooth shirt, immaculately tailored trousers, and a matching smart yet comfortable suit jacket are all that you need to put together to create this ensemble. The material of your suit depends on the weather, but tweed or cotton is a good option.

The morning suit consists of a traditional jacket with tails and a waistcoat. It is typically paired with striped trousers, although matching the color of the jacket with that of the trouser is also acceptable.

You can opt for a colored shirt with this suit. But do ensure that the collar and the cuffs are white. If you plan to wear a vest under the jacket, make sure it complements the color of your suit. Morning suits should be worn only for early afternoon or noon weddings.

The British suit is a more traditional suit with the jacket being either single or double-breasted. It is normally made with a heavy fabric and the fit is more snug than loose.

It has narrower and defined shoulders with higher armholes. The jacket can be either single or double-breasted, and can have two vents. Such jackets tend to use lower gorge lines (the seam joining the collar and the lapel), are made from a heavier material, have a stiffer chest canvas with thicker shoulder pads, and are relatively more structured.

Trousers are high-waisted with two or three pleats. British suits will give your body more contour and as they are more fitted.

The American suit is quite similar to the British suit, with the only exception being that the jacket is more on the baggy side. Notable features of this suit include a single vent at the back, higher armholes, flap pockets and straight lines.

The jacket is single-breasted with two or three buttons and a slight or no padding at the shoulders for a softer silhouette. The trousers aren’t pleated, but are cut in a way that makes them appear fuller.

The Italian suit is what most modern grooms go for as it looks smart and trendy. It has a slim fit, the silhouette is sleek, and the jacket gently embraces the body.


(Pictures of products: Reda Black Formal Two-piece Suit)

Traditionally, the jackets did not have vents, but modern Italian suits come with two vents and a distinct V-shape.

Its length is shorter than regular suits. It is also tighter and the shoulders are padded. That’s the reason why its lapel notches and buttons are placed higher. The pockets do not have flaps and the suit lends you a structured look.

The pants have a tapered waist and fit snugly. The Italian suit is typically made from a lighter material, has higher gorge lines and less overall padding.

But, what if you’re not the groom?

What if you’re the groomsman?

Groomsmen have an important role to play at weddings.


As a groomsman at a wedding, you need to dress appropriately and ensure that you do not overshadow the groom. Your groomsman suit should be smart and should fit well within the parameters requested by the groom.

A semi-formal suit in beige or tan is a great option, if it is a summer wedding. Pick a grey suit for a winter wedding. A popular trend these days is to incorporate a color from the bridal party into the groomsmen’s attire, so you may want to think about that.

Apart from that, there is an economical option too. It’s called the Mismatched look. All the groomsmen can wear a suit they already have, only making sure that they all belong to the same color family for a smart and cohesive look.

To add a bit of funk and modernity to your outfit, consider wearing suspenders. Opt for a classic bow tie & suspender set. It looks fantastic when worn with white shirts. If you are trying to go retro, opt for an oxford shirt, a tweed bow tie and thin vintage striped suspenders; and wear a cardigan instead of a jacket. You can also go for suspenders with polka dots, or ones with gold and leather accents.

If you’re going as a guest, you don’t have much to worry about. Most wedding invitations clearly mention what they expect their guests to wear by setting a dress code.


More often than not, it is black tie and business casual, so you would do well by sporting a navy or a dark-colored suit with a crisp white shirt. You can wear a formal suit to a black-tie wedding. A black silk tie will complete your look.

However, if the invitation does not mention the dress code, figure out your attire by considering the location. There’s a high chance that a small-town outdoor wedding will be much less of a formal affair than a big-city church wedding. A semi-formal navy suit with a white button-down shirt, worn with or without a tie would work well in such cases.

The time of the day needs to be factored in too, because day weddings tend to be less formal than evening ones. In fact, showing up in a tuxedo for a daytime event is considered a fashion blunder by several fashionistas.

For such occasions, you can opt for dress pants or khakis with a button-down shirt (with no tie) or a polo shirt, depending on the time of year. A sweater is also acceptable.

You can also take cues from the invitation card itself. If it is extravagant, it may be a good idea to spend some time planning your outfit and dressing like the perfect guest.

And then there are the laid-back weddings wherein the couple specifically asks their guests to dress casually. This can get dicey because the definition of ‘casual’ varies from person to person. To handle such tricky situations, be prepared by not only dressing as per what you think is right, but also carrying an upscale casual outfit in your car, just in case you realize that you’re under-dressed.

While it said that it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, it is best to be dressed perfectly as per the occasion. A true gentleman is aware of the fact that his clothing is not just about him, but is a reflection of the regard he has for those around him. Dress your best not just because it is a special occasion for you, but also because it is special for everyone you love!