Working the Work Wear: Beating the Heat in Summer Clothes


It’s summer and the last thing you want to do is wear heavy clothes. What you’re probably on the lookout for are garments that bring with them a vibe of comfort and relaxation. That said, we do not imply you take a laid back approach and toss good-dressing out the window and dress slack-y.

When it comes to suiting up for the office, an important meeting or for a formal event in summer, it is important that you take the necessary measures to adjust your summer wardrobe accordingly and look chic.

This holds true especially when it comes to the summer work attire. Irrespective of the dress code, you will do well to keep one thumb rule in mind – regardless of the weather, it is important to look professional and sharp.

While summer dressing can get a tad tricky, it is important to perceive it as an opportunity to wear different colors and fabrics, than use the weather as an excuse to dress shabby. This means no shunning the suit either.

In case you thought wearing suits in summers is impossible, we’ve got news for you. It is perfectly possible to wear them and stay cool, provided you take care of a few important considerations.

Essentials of a Summer Suit

We’ve said this before and we’re going to say it again. Every modern man must have at least one suit in his wardrobe. Without it, his wardrobe is incomplete. However, pay attention to the suit’s aptness as per the season. Take into consideration the suit’s make and structure as that will go a long way in determining its weight, texture and breathability quotient.

Unlined or half-lined suits enable better ventilation and coolness, though they may not be as structured as you’d like. The fabric used in making the suit is another concern that you should look into. For example, pick a chic two-piece summer suit in a material that helps you keep cool i.e. fabrics that are light in weight and have a looser weave, as they can minimize heat and provide better air circulation. Whether it is a light grey houndstooth suit, a deep navy business suit, a pinstriped suit, or the classic black suit, choose the material with care.

Finding the Right Fabric


In the cold weather, suits made of wool, tweed, and cashmere are worn as they’re not only more structured and professional-looking, but also keep you warm. In the summer, however, you’d be better off with suits made of the following materials


Linen is a great summer fabric as it is lightweight and made from natural fiber. However, it also creases very easily, but that’s part of its charm. If you want to wear it to office, try a linen blend that contains wool or cotton to minimize wrinkle formation.


Cotton suits are one of the most preferred and versatile suit choices for the warm weather as they enable a polished, yet an unassuming and a laid-back look. Cotton is a cool fabric so it is highly summer-friendly. These suits can be worn to formal occasion as well. For instance, when attending events/weddings on a warm summer evening, try classic three-piece suits in navy blue, shades of gray, and even khaki.


Seersucker has witnessed a rise in popularity among men over the last couple of decades. It is notable for its striped, crumpled, and pulled-together surface and its unique cotton fabric enables the modern man to wear a comfortable yet stylish summer suit. Seersucker suits are considered extremely casual and should not be worn in offices with a formal dress code.

Alternatively, you could also consider wearing lightweight blazers in cool summer colors such as light tan, shades of blue and green, and camel. Blazers look extremely stylish too and are perfectly acceptable to wear to office as they add a touch of formality to an ensemble.


Also known as cambric, chambray is a smooth, lightweight cotton fabric. It is also glossy, yet comfortable to be worn in summer. The fabric resembles denim in its look. It is robust, yet soft to touch and flows with your body’s structure as you move.

-Fresco Wool

While wearing wool in the summer is unthinkable, fresco wool is a whole new ball game and can be worn in summers. As the name suggests, fresco wool enables airflow, breathability and allows good ventilation, apart from being a sturdy material. It consists of multiple yarns and high-twisted wool with an open weave, which contributes to a sophisticated and a genteel look.

Worth Vest-ing Your Time On

Not in the mood to don a suit jacket to work? That’s fine, but do keep the vest on for a look that is subtle, yet suave. You can lift the cool quotient of your formal attire by simply wearing a smart vest over your shirt.

In summers, go for vests in cooler shades such as white, camel, tan, light grey and blue. If you like patterns, pick those with checks, understated stripes and plaid. All these choices will make you look erudite as well as urbane.

Formal Shirts and Pants

Needless to say, shirts and trousers are wardrobe staples in every man’s formal wardrobe. Summers call for lightweight shirts in white and shades of blue. The length of the sleeve depends on your personal choice. Cotton or linen short-sleeved shirts are preferable in summer, although nothing spells professional like standard long-sleeved shirts.

Look for crisp business shirts like neutral and soft colors such as white, light pink, blue and off-white. Patterns can include checks and stripes.

Wearing slim-fit cotton pants with flat fronts are the way to go this summer. Make sure they fit you well and feel comfortable when you walk, sit or stand up. Stick to colors such as black, blue and gray for a formal setup. For a casual day out with friends, take advantage of the weather and branch out into other hues such as white, plaid, and even green, and orange.

Accessorizing the Excesses


Accessorizing in summer does not necessarily mean adding on bulk. You can be creative with it. If your attire is simple, you can afford a flamboyant accessory to go with it, just to balance things out. Think brightly-colored socks, patterned ties, bowties, leather belts and metallic cufflinks. If you’re wearing a high-power outfit, on the other hand, it will be best to keep your accessories to a minimum for a refined look.


Don’t let the summer keep you from being the classy and stylish gentleman that you are. Keep the above tips and pointers in mind and you should be able to keep your cool and wade through summer in style.